Conferences & workshops

Provide an interactive and immersive event experience

The Web Event ecosystem provides you with everything you need to organize and manage successful webinars and conferences.
Virtual conferences with Webevents-app are a great way to keep your audience hooked, involved and enthusiastic.

Attract your audience with a unique and fully customizable online registration page

Add payment options in the online registration page

Automate sending emails to attendees

Validate registrations the way that suits you

Export your attendee list in a handy and convenient format

Distribute your content using several distribution methods

Engage your audience with Webevent App animation and gamification tools

Respond quickly and easily to attendee requests at any time throughout the event.

Monetize your event and limit access to virtual conferences

Create an eye-catching and unique webpage for your event and drive registrations.

Engage your prospects with personalized email campaigns to build momentum around your event before the big day.

Publish content and a press release on your site and talk about your activity as well as past editions of your event to increase awareness

View your conference program and introduce speakers

Develop a professional mobile application dedicated to participants for absolute control of your conference

Stream live or recorded sessions to increase the reach of your message

Engage attendees with live Q&As, polls, and discussions

Simplify networking with the profile search and filter option on the mobile application