Trade fairs

Helping businesses generate more leads with a 100% online or hybrid trade show


Setting up a virtual trade show will allow you to increase the visibility of your event and the level of satisfaction of your participants and exhibitors. Our ready-to-use functionalities allow easier access to exhibitors and online or face-to-face appointment scheduling.

Attract your audience with a unique and fully customizable online registration page

Add payment options in the online registration page

Automate sending emails to attendees

Validate registrations the way that suits you

Export your attendee list in a handy and convenient format

Distribute your content using several distribution methods

Engage your audience with Webevent App animation and gamification tools

Respond quickly and easily to attendee requests at any time throughout the event.

Monetize your event and limit access to virtual conferences

Welcome participants in a digitized and animated 3D hall according to your imagination if the congress is 100% virtual or which imitates the hall on site for a hybrid congress

Choose the graphics that resemble your brand from a wide range of halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, round tables and workshops.

Add speaker bio pages on clickable areas

Replace physical interviews with virtual interviews.

Receive interview appointment requests with CV, cover letter and written message

Select and confirm appointments according to your availability

Assign the manager you want for the appointment

Conduct interviews by videoconference in a private and secure environment

Set up chat rooms, audio and video between participants and speakers

Give people the ability to find each other and schedule meetings in the virtual space

Share ideas on niche topics in a small group with virtual panel discussions

Facilitate the networking of participants with the option of searching and filtering profiles

Develop a professional mobile application dedicated to participants for absolute control of your conference

Stream live or recorded sessions to increase the reach of your message

Engage attendees with live Q&As, polls, and discussions

Simplify networking with the profile search and filter option on the mobile application