Registration & event badging management

Manage registrations for your events more efficiently and streamline the distribution of your badges

Webevent App gives you a secure, easy-to-use and highly customizable registration management platform.
Our 100% digital registration platform is designed to meet the needs of your event, whatever its size and type.

Create your registration form

Create your form and publish it online in minutes

Receive and validate registration requests

From your back office, consult the requests, validate or reject the registration requests.

Customize your badge design

Create your badge design with participants personal data and an individual QR code

Automatic printing of badges on site

Facilitate the printing of badges on site, thanks to our QRcode scanning and automatic printing software

Scan badge at the entrance of the event

Scan the entrance to the event or the conference rooms using our mobile badge scanning application

Analyze your participation statistics

Analyze detailed statistics of entries, distribution of badges...

Main features

  • Customizable form by drag & drop
  • Multilingual form
    More than 20 types of fields available: text, document, selection…
  • Real time photo fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Mobile responsive form
  • Registered ID generation
  • Information editable by the registrant
  • Automatic or manual validation
  • Interface for viewing, sorting and selecting registration requests
  • Configurable, multilingual automatic emails
  • Interface for sending grouped emails
  • Import/export list of registrants
  • Managing registrations for specific workshops within an event
  • List of registrants exportable from the back office
  • Management of the limits of available places
  • Online payment gateway configuration of your choice
  • Basket management, multiple products
  • Management of offline payments (transfer, check, etc.)
  • Management of payments without commissions
  • Import design of badges in several formats
  • Customization of the badge by drag&drop with participant information
  • Individual QR code insertion per subscriber
  • Photo insert
  • Configuration of several badge models with assignment rules
  • Windows application for automatic on-site printing by scanning Barcode / QR code / code entry
  • Printing from the back office
  • Creation of unlimited accounts for hostesses
  • Limit number of impressions/participant
  • Detailed printing statistics
  • Direct mail for printing a batch of badges in advance
  • Send badges by email upon validation
  • Android mobile application for scanning badges at the entrance to the event or a specific space (conference room, etc.)
  • Data display registered to scan
  • Detailed access statistics